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  • How do I log in on Microsoft Teams?

  1. Download Microsoft Teams: https://www.microsoft.com/en-ww/microsoft-365/microsoft-teams/download-app
  2. Login with the username: netid@tudelft.net   --> ATTENTION! fill in your netid without any . (dots) inbetween your name and use @tudelft.net and not @tudelft.nl !!
  3. Password is the same as your netid password 
  4. Go to ' Teams'  and look at your added channels. Is there something missing? Please let us know by sending an email to bedrijvendagen-ps@tudelft.nl

Make sure you log into Microsoft Teams well in advance of your appointment so you can join your activity without any problems! 


  • I applied for the event but I haven't received any information yet?

All participants received an information mail about the Online Civil Business Days. Chech your spam folder if you can't find the email. Please send us an email at bedrijvendagen-ps@tudelft.nl if you haven't received anything. 


  • I am late for my event, can I still participate?

You can still participate by using the link in your Microsoft Teams. If you're doing a CV/LinkedIn check or Career scan, then look if the company is still available if you're still in your timeslot. Is your timeslot over already? Then you are too late, you can make a new appointment with the company by sending an email. Are you late for the Business Tour? Keep in mind that you are interrupting an on-going meeting, join the session quietly. For the following events, try to be on time. Companies count on your presence.


  • I applied for an event but will not be able to make it, what should I do?

First, always try to shift activities in your own planning, enabling you to participate. Your spot is of great value for other students, besides this is a great chance to expand your network.

When still unable to join the checks (CV, LinkedIn or career) or Business Tour, please consult us via bedrijvendagen-PS@tudelft.nl. For other activities, follow these steps as soon as possible:


  • I am experiencing technical difficulties, for example during logging in. What can I do?

Send an e-mail to bedrijvendagen-PS@tudelft.nl and you will be answered quickly. For urgent cases, call: 

(015) 278 41 43 (NL)

(015) 278 84 47 (EN)


  • For whom are the civil business days intended?

The civil business days are present for both students as for businesses. For students this event provides a great gateway to get in direct contact with your new executive. You will find companies ready to guide you to your next career step.

As a business, this event is ideal to find fresh students and get into contact with them. 


  • How can this lead to a job application?

All active vacancies are to be found on the DCP platform. When looking for business-specific vacancies, you can also consult the business pages. Besides, the virtual business card gives you access to the right contact.