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The combination of the business market and the other activities, make the Civil Business Days an interesting and free event for every civil engineering student. Our goal is to show the wide range of possible jobs in the field of civil engineering and we want to prepare you for your first steps in your career as an engineer.

On the 11th and 12th of May Individual Conversations will take place between students and companies. The kickoff of the upcoming activities of the Civil Business Days is the Business Forum on the 3rd of May. Five companies will debate about different statements and questions (in Dutch) at the Business Forum. The next week, on the 10th of May, is perfect to prepare for your career. Do a resume check with SUPAIR, let one of the experts of Antea Group look at your LinkedIn profile or do a career scan with Enginear. On the 11th and 12th of May during the morning there are Business Tours (in Dutch) where you get to know multiple companies in 1 hour. In the afternoon during the online interactive Business Market you will be able to get to know more than 50 civil engineering companies. This will all take place in Hopin. Join all free activities and become acquainted with different companies to prepare your future!


Every year the Civil Business Days are organized by the Civil Business Days committee of the studyassociation of Het Gezelschap “Practische Studie”. For a year this committee is commited to organize a lot of different carreer activities for the civil engineering students. On behalf of the committee, we wish you a pleasant experience at the Civil Business Days!

Kind regards,

Jasper Smit, Fleur Heeremans, Anne-May Alkemade, Jip Kuiper, Chris Veldman, Merel Krämer, Kim Damen, Hugo von der Thusen, Christa Winterman & Joris Dekker

(ltr: Joris Dekker, Hugo von der Thusen, Kim Damen, Chris Veldman, Fleur Heeremans, Jasper Smit, Anne-May Alkemade, Jip Kuiper, Merel Krämer, Christa Winterman)




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