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Jan De Nul N.V.


Jan De Nul Group shapes water and land. All over the world. From complex offshore services for both the fossil and the renewable energy sectors, through large dredging and land reclamation projects on the edge of water and land to all possible civil construction works on land. Well-integrated competencies and investments lead to creative, sustainable and innovative solutions.

Jan De Nul contributes to the Oosterweel Link. Connection between Scheldt Tunnel and R1.

The Right Bank sub-project, via the Oosterweel intersection, forms the link between the Scheldt tunnel and the R1, both in the Northern and Eastern directions. The R1 will also be constructed completely in a cutting and partly covered, so the Merksem viaduct will disappear and the urban landscape will undergo an extensive metamorphosis into a contemporary green and socially sustainable environment. To achieve all this in as short a time as possible it is necessary to build a temporary new R1 to the East of the existing R1.

Showpiece for the civil engineering sector.

The Right Bank sub-project is of a size and complexity never seen before in Flanders. We are therefore particularly proud to be part of this, as civil construction companies need such projects as a boost and a stepping stone for the further development of their expertise, something the export will also benefit from.

Specialties Civil, dredging, offshore & environmental activities  
Area of operation International
Number of branches Worldwide
Number of employees 6700
Opportunity for Graduates, internships and starters

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