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van Rossum

Van Rossum Consulting Engineers B.V. is an independent engineering firm, whose directors are also partners. Van Rossum was founded in 1953. The company has a long tradition in the field constructive and civil engineering advice for various projects.


Van Rossum is much more than just a construction agency. What interests us, is realizing ambitions and bringing them into line with the available budget. That is why our work also consists of directing; form the link between the client, the users, the architect, the project management and the other consultants. And because we as Van Rossum have been doing this for a long time, we are quite adept at organizing integrated solutions. In order to achieve an optimal result, we as constructors must have knowledge of all construction disciplines. Only in this way are we able to construct extremely sharply and we make it possible to design creatively. We call this 'economic construction' ourselves, the creation of a clear economic constructive concept in the initial phase that guarantees the feasibility of a project.

Van Rossum as a stimulator within a project

In addition to this technical component, we at Van Rossum aim for good communication which is essential in realising a project. This involves not only the design team members, but also other stakeholders such as users, inspection authorities and municipalities. Of course we are first of all professionals, technicians. But we have also learned in recent decades that it is necessary to act as a stimulator in a project; proactive and daring. This involves much more than proposing solutions in our own field. At Van Rossum we know that you cannot sit back and wait. That requires a certain type of people.

What do we stand for

Our organization is based on working with permanent relations. There are often dedicated partnerships. Quality is the most important criterion here. Permanent partnerships contribute to this quality. We focus on integrated sustainable design and proactively think along and are very innovative. We enjoy transparent communication and are pragmatic with an eye for detail. Due to our vision of quality, Van Rossum devotes a great deal of attention to staff training. Every employee who wishes to broaden his or her knowledge is given the opportunity to do so. Our employees are without a doubt our most important asset!

Specialties Hoogbouw, renovatie, herbestemming, utiliteitsbouw, complex  
Area of operation National
Number of branches 4
Number of employees 160
Revenue € 15 million
Opportunity for Graduates, internships, side jobs and starters

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