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SBE is one of the largest independent engineering consultancies in Belgium. A team of 160 colleagues, scattered over 4 offices in Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain, works on the design of civil structures such as bridges, tunnels, quay walls, navigational locks and dikes. As specialized consultants we are the ‘special forces’ of civil engineering since we only take action for very complex projects. We are also a family business which translates into a friendly work-environment, short communication lines and a flat and agile organisational structure.

Over the last few years, SBE has become increasingly active on the Dutch market with projects such as Zuidasdok, Afsluitdijk, Beatrixsluis and various deep-sea quay walls in the port of Rotterdam. To extend our position in the Dutch market we opened our first Dutch office in bustling Rotterdam last summer. Now, we are looking for passionate engineers to turn this into a success story together. We firmly believe that the ‘cross-fertilisation’ between the Dutch and Belgians will push our team to a higher level.

SBE gives you the chance to fill in the role which matches your interests and strengths. Are you driven by technique and do you want to delve into the design of civil structures? Then the job as Civil Engineer is made for you! Do you find translating a theoretical design into a model which is technically feasible more rewarding? That makes you the perfect BIM Engineer. In addition, SBE is of the opinion that all-round engineers understand one another better and create better solutions. That is why we do not, for example, have a strict separation between geotechnical engineers and civil engineers. We encourage everyone to work cross-disciplinary.

Are you excited by our growth story and do you want to be part of it? Do not miss out on a visit to our exhibition stand or mail your CV to recruitment@sbe-engineering.nl.

Specialties Hydraulic structures, Bridges, Underground structures, Industrial Buildings  
Area of operation International
Number of branches 4
Number of employees 159
Revenue € 20 million
Opportunity for Graduates, internships and starters

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