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Temporay Works Design


Making an impact on accelerating the energy transition and key infrastructures worldwide!

We are TWD - an innovative engineering company where you'll be working on the design of large steel structures together with a group of young, talented colleagues. Every day we contribute to the energy transition and key infrastructure projects worldwide. Our core businesses focus on method engineering and equipment design services. We provide innovative solutions to our clients, mainly in the offshore wind and heavy civil industries.

Thanks to our attention to development, fun, and happy clients, we are scaling up rapidly in the past decade. At this moment, we are operating at 3 locations in Europe (Rotterdam, London, and Athens) and we have over 200 employees.

Simplicity is in our DNA. We have developed an effective design method to maximize construction workability through customized solutions. One example is the unique installation equipment (i.e. monopile gripper, upend tool and sea fastening structures) we created for Belgium's largest offshore wind farm - SeaMade. Thanks to the simple and optimized design, our client was able to install the SeaMade foundations at record speed.

Career opportunities

TWD is an innovative company always open to new methods, solutions and designs. That's why we are looking for talented, ambitious graduates with a Bachelor or Master degree in a technical field. Which field is not that important to us as we believe you will learn everything else on the job.

Do you get excited about innovative engineering projects? Do you enjoy working together in teams with other creative and ambitious young people? Do you also have great communication skills, a sense of responsibility and are you ready to make a difference in your projects? Then we are looking for you!

Specialties Offshore Engineering, Civil Engineering. Design, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Marine Engineering, Fabrication Services
Area of operation International
Number of branches 3
Number of employees 225
Opportunity for Graduates, internships, side jobs and starters

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