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Jelmer is an organization that enables young engineers to help build a sustainable and future proof environment in a role that best suits their talents. During a three year talent development programme, young professionals develop both their professional- and soft skills. The programme is built to focus on both their talents and competences. During this three year programme, a young professional works with three different business partners. The knowledge they get during this programme will not only add value to themselves and those business partners, but also to the whole sector of civil engineering, building engineering, water, spatial planning and energy. Knowledge, skills and strategies that are necessary to address the challenges of today and tomorrow are being formed throughout the programme. Our young professionals view challenges from a modern perspective and create smart solutions that enhance the quality, cooperation and results throughout the sector. We are searching for Dutch speaking enthusiastic young professionals that are graduated in civil/building/mechanical engineering.


Specialties Driejarig ontwikkeltraject op vakinhoudelijke en persoonlijke ontwikkeling
Area of operation National
Number of branches 1
Number of employees 35
Revenue € 2.1 million
Opportunity for Starters

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